Friday, March 3, 2017

MTC Done

We finished our training at the MTC.  It was intense, challenging and a growing experience.

The last week was office training on "Word", "Excel",  "Outlook" and "IMOS".  Once again Amazing instructors, and oh so young.  I especially enjoyed an instructor named Brother Hewlett.  He was about 24 years old, recently married, an accounting major, from North Carolina.  He had a really keen sense of humor.

One day we were being instructed in "Mail Merge".  We were pushing hard through a lot of different points.  When we were talking about mail, I asked  "does this apply to just email or snail mail as well?"  He looked at me funny.  "Snail Mail? What do you mean, Snail Mail?"  Someone finally said "You know post mail."  He did not know"  He thought I was so cleaver for thinking up that expression.  He kept referring to "snail mail" with a chuckle whenever the class and he had a generation gap in understanding.  "You mean like snail mail?" he would ask.

A few weeks earlier he had a Sister that did not know what the "trash" icon looked like.  When it was finally pointed out to her she said "It looks like a crockpot."  So now Brother Hewlett refers to the trash icon as the "crockpot".  "Put your deleted items in the crockpot."  It was fun educational week.

It is over.  We will miss all the wonderful people we started with 2 weeks ago.  Great, devoted, love of God people. I will miss them.  We are home backing like crazy.  The house looks like a bomb went off.  Got to run.


  1. I am sure it does. Have a safe trip! Love Julia

  2. I'm looking forward to following your posts. I love Brother Hewlett too.