Sunday, March 19, 2017

Last Dinner with family. March 31, 2017

We finished up the MTC on Thursday afternoon, March 2nd. It had been a great two weeks, but we are ready to get out to the field.

We got home in the afternoon. We stopped by the car wash on the way home to get the Murano cleaned for the new buyer. We sold it that evening. It was a real blessing of how and when it sold.

Thursday night I migrated Linda’s computer data and programs over to the MacBook pro. I was concerned that it wouldn’t work as advertised, or it would take a long time. Neither of those happened. It migrated over easily, and didn’t take very long. I was very happy about that.

On Friday I got my missionary hair cut. Mera Lee did a perfect job, as always. I really feel the part now. Thank you Mera Lee.

Saturday morning I finished up packing. There was balancing and adjusting between all of our bags Monday morning.

Saturday we had dinner with our family at Olive Garden. It was a special occasion. No one had tears. It was hard for me to think about saying goodby for one and half years. The grandchildren will change so much during that time. I am hoping communicating with them over video will not make us seem so gone.

Claire, our younger at 1 year old.

Seth, having fun with his niece Kali and nephew Aiden
Rya, Nathan's oldest. 9 years old

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