Sunday, March 19, 2017

Flight to SYD - Sydney, Australia. March 6, 2017

Over all the flight went well. From SLC to LAX was pretty easy. We have done that length of flight many times. Nothing special happened.

We got some dinner at LAX. We found a good restaurant to eat at. It had good food. We then waited for about 4 hours before taking off.

To Sydney we had a middle and aisle seat. They were okay, but nothing great.

Fortunately the flight was at night. We were able to sleep. It wasn’t as bad a I thought it would be. I think Linda did okay. She will have to add her own comments. 

No matter how you state it, being on a plane for 15 hours in coach seats is bad, even terrible. We arrived in Sydney three days latter, thanks to the date line, at 10 am. 

We were picked up at the airport by Elder and Sister Cox. They are wonderful people. They have shepherded us this first week on our mission. They seem to have all of the answers for our many questions. I will be glad when I get to the point to have answers like he does. 

We stayed busy with shopping and unpacking. We went to bed about 7 pm. I slept well. I was ready for a big first day in my mission.

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