Sunday, March 19, 2017

First day on the job. March 9, 2017.

March 9th was the first full day on the job. 

My job is handling the fleet, flats, & bikes. That means cars, apartments, and bicycles. We rent unfinished flats. That means we furnish them, including cook ware and all of the small stuff. Different than when I was a young missionary.

If there is any problem with a car, flat, or bike I get called. I help rent the flats, and then clean them up to move out. I handle accidents, whether it is a car, bike, or flat. I also handle traffic violations. The missionary pays for them. When every I tell anyone what my job is they shake their head and give me sympathetic comment. I have a large storage shed with all kind of stuff from beds, vacuums, cookware, bedding, and so on. I also have all kind of tools to go fix what ever. Like I had to go change some hoses on a washing machine because the older ones were leaking.

I will let Linda give her job description. We do work together a little bit, but not to much.

Linda and my office makes us look like big executives. I have never had such a big office, not even on my B777 aircraft. 

Here are some pictures.

Our Mission. 7 Zoins.
Here are some of my cars. The trailer is mine also. 

Linda's Office. Out of her window she is looking at the Angle Moroni on the Sydney Temple.
Monty's Office.

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