Sunday, March 19, 2017

First driver test. Monday, March 1, 2017

One of my jobs is to certify drivers so they can drive. 

The church has become very strict on who drives. Each car has a designated driver. Only that person drives that car. Even his companion can not drive it. The church carries insurance for only the designated driver.

On Friday I got a call from a sister saying the president said she need to get certified. Okay, as though I had any idea what to do. I set the appointment for Monday and started studying. I was actually excited to do it. Brought back memories of my flight instructing days. 

There is a lot of paper work. They have to have a license and driving record from their home. The china ones are tough as they are written in kanji. The applicant also fills out a drives record and commitment to drive form. After the paperwork is done they watch a DVD that takes two hours. Then it is my turn. I discuss their skill level, driver safety, and taking care of the car. We then take a driving test. It is funny to see them keep hitting the windshield wipers instead of the turn signal.

I gave my first test to a sister from the United States. She did a good job. She had a lot of experience, but not with driving on the left hand side of the road. The next test I gave was to an elder from New Zealand. He drove better than me because driving on the left had side was his norm.

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