Friday, March 31, 2017

Australian Fly Catcher

Good Evening,

After a long day, Monty and I are still at the office.  Monty/Elder Ellison is trying to figure out how to resolve a problem with a report to President Checketts.  I keep hearing moans and groans coming from his office.  My brain won't function any longer on technical matters so I thought I would make two consecutive entries to the Blog.

At the bottom you will see pictures of our lovely Mission home.  This use to be a Boys Orphanage that the church bought with the property the Sydney Temple sits on.  There are 6-7 buildings on what I call the "campus".  They are beautiful old brick buildings.  One of my favourite things is the old fashion wavy glass that is in all the window panes.  I love looking through the slight distortion.  My office has a view of the Angel Moroni, and it is a great reminder of what we are doing here.

The other day I was headed downstairs (50 stairs each time I come upstairs) when I looked into the office of one of the  "Service Centers" employees, he was holding a plastic lizard, or so I thought.  Monty and I stepped in and I was asked if I wanted to hold the thing.  I said "Well it's not real is it?"  As I was taking a closer look the critter stuck it's tongue out at me.  I was surprised, not scared, but then I realised a real lizard.

Chelsea who works downstairs in the mail room came back from her afternoon walk and saw this pretty thing just sitting contently under her coworkers chair.  Chelsea recognised it as the docile "Blue Tongue Lizard".  It was really calm considering how many people were petting it and holding it.  If you look close at the picture, you might notice the cute thing is smiling for the camera.  Very sweet.

After everyone had a turn petting and holding Chelsea was taking it outside and returning it to the wild.  She loves animals and likes to see them back in their natural habitat.  I am thinking the lizard will probably want to find it's way back into the warehouse where it is nice and warm and dry.  Maybe we will have another visit some day and it will be twice as big.

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