Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Devotional Night + picture

More office training today.  We are learning how to use IMOS (Internet Missionary Office System).
It will be very helpful to know what some of our tasks will be and how to navigate these different programs.  (See Picture Below)

We had an inspiring devotional tonight by Elder and Sister Nielson of the Seventy.  Elder Nielson knew how to say Good Evening in about  20 different languages.  He had missionaries raise their hands if they were going to the language he spoke in.  It was fun to see the young missionaries get excited when their soon to be new home was spoken.  For example we had 2 sisters going to Poland, a few to Finland and a few to Samoa.  A huge amount going to Spanish speaking countries. An even larger group to English speaking.  Funny, he didn't speak any Aussie language.  Did you know that they recently opened the first mission in Turkey which is 98% Muslim country?  Wow, how exciting.

Elder Nielson then posed this question.  "Are you sleeping through the restoration?"  D&C 109: 73-74  We are living in an amazing time.  Are you missing your opportunity to participate in this great work?  So exciting being here at the MTC and observing this Army of Junior and Senior Missionaries.  We have attend 4 Devotionals.  Each time they tell the Junior Missionaries to look over at the Senior missionaries and tell them "We hope to see all of you here in 35-40 years."  A Great Work is taking place...what roll do you want to take part in?

Yesterday's comic relief for Mission Office workers?

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