Saturday, February 25, 2017

Elder Holland

Today is Friday.  Our last meeting for the week included a Devotional from Elder Holland.  Everything he said was meaningful.  He ended with a translated French Poem.  It went like this.

"Come to the edge" he said.
"No we will fall off".

"COME to the Edge" he said.
"NO we will fall off".

So we went to the edge.... he pushed us off!

And we flew!

I love the image this paints.  I am like this person  at the edge.  I am afraid, but willing.  I hope I fly.


  1. LOVE your blog and I will follow it throughout your mission! We are SO proud of you! Glad you are flying after that big push! We will try to follow your awesome example and of faith and willingness to serve! Love, Fay and Layne

  2. Thank you Fay, it was a big leap of faith the first week.