Saturday, February 18, 2017

Challenges Preparing For Mission

February 18 2017

We are 3 days away from entering the MTC 20 February.  We will fly to AU Monday 6 Mar 2017.

I  wanted  to enter a few events leading up to going on a mission.   Monty and I  started the paperwork process for a mission after he retired from Delta February 2016.  It felt like great efforts were being made to keep us from going once we decided to go.

I will list the 2016 events as best I can remember them.

Jan 2016 -       Linda diagnosed with a mass in her stomach.  Doctors not sure what it is.
Jan 21             Ellison family went on Family cruise celebrating Monty's upcoming retirement.
Feb 04            Linda diagnosed with GIST  (malignant tumor)
Feb 12            Linda's mother passes away
Feb 12            Monty's retirement flight. Seth accompanies Dad to Africa for an amazing adventure.
Feb 20            Mothers funeral
Feb 22            Linda's surgery
Feb.                Monty works on his missionary paperwork and completes them before leaving for Appalachian Trail and  Linda's recovery.
Mar 07           Monty starts hiking Appalachian Trail (AT)
Mar .              Linda works on her missionary work with several due overs.
Apr 17           Monty returns from AT for golf trip with Linda
Apr 26           Linda's Father passes away.
May 02          Linda's Father funeral.
May               Delay of 6 weeks for reading of Linda's TB test.
May 16          Monty leaves 2nd time for AT
Jun.                Work on Dad & Moms house clean out and get ready for sale.
Jul.                 Monty returns. Finishes 800 miles about 1/3 of AT. He has severe foot damage, but
                       loved the whole experience.  He wants to go back and finish after mission.
Aug.               Submit completed missionary paperwork. Wait.
Oct 11            Calling comes in mail.  Wait one week so we can SKYPE with all family.

Looking back it was an eventful year.  I felt supported from my husband, family, extended family, friends, and ward family.  The understanding of the Gospel Plan made loosing both parents in such a short period of time a lot easier than if I didn't have faith and a testimony.  I know where my parents are and what the purpose of life is for.
As Elder Tom Parry says, my parents have "Graduated from life".

Now Monty and I will enter this new adventure together, hoping that we will accomplish good serving in the Sidney Australia  Mission.  More to come.


  1. My goodness. I had no idea what you've been through in the last year. You are ready to go now!

  2. Some pretty significant events. Looks like all the pieces are falling into place so you can be 100% focused on the mission!