Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Learning to be a Missionary May 2017

  We are between crunch times and enjoying the lull before the storm.   The Assistants are able to go out into the general public and preach like the rest of the missionaries.  The Assistants were in the office getting more supplies, and I was helping them find what they needed.  I asked how they find people to teach.  They said they spend  all day at the train station or the bus stops.  I couldn't believe what I heard, "how long?" I asked.  6-8 hours a day they said.  I asked how they approached someone, Elder Bush demonstrated using the Restoration pamphlet.  I was suppose to be the stranger at the train station.  He stopped me and asked a very simple question and then launched into a very heart felt approach to the Restoration.  I couldn't believe how sincere, kind and informative his approach was.  I played a non believer and answered negatively to his questions about praying, and my knowledge of Jesus Christ.  He was so sincere that I really felt if I WAS the nonbeliever I would definitely want to know more.

I felt encouraged to give it a try the next time I was out in public.  Unfortunately my 2 attempts did not glean any interest from the 2 different people I was talking to but I felt a little more secure in my attempts.  These young missionaries are just so impressive.  They don't have to be super smart, or cool, they are just sincere and bringing knowledge to those looking for answers.  The first 3 pamphlets, The Restoration, The Plan of Salvation, and The Gospel of Jesus Christ are so informative and answer questions so simply that it makes teaching the lessons a little bit easier for the missionaries and the novice missionary.

I enjoy getting to know these missionaries and hearing their stories.  Maybe I'll have a new story the next time I make an entry.


  1. Keep it up! Enjoy these updates.

  2. Oh Linda 2 attempts GOOD FOR YOU!! Keep up the good work. I Bet a few months ago you never would have pictured yourself approaching