Sunday, May 21, 2017

3 Small Miracles May 21 2017

A few things worth mention happened this week.

After a long, busy week, Monty and I decided to go out to a nice Italian dinner recommended to us by Elder and Sister Grant.  I made early reservations so we could be home at a reasonable time and get to bed early as we were both fighting colds and very tired.  We were the first ones in the restaurant.  It was very nice.  Food was only served Ala Cart and it was a bit pricey.  I was looking forward to my Lasagna.  We were waiting for Monty's Rocket Salad to come to the table when his phone rang.  Not a good sign for a quiet dinner.  He answered and went outside to take the call.  His salad came and I began to have a few bites.  After about 15 minutes he came back in and I turned his salad over to him with 3/4 of the salad still waiting for him.

The call was from two Elders from Central Coast Zone explaining they had been driving to a dinner appointment with a member family.  Traffic stopped suddenly, they managed to stop in time, but the car behind them rear ended their car and pushed their car into the car in front.  There by making their car an "accordion".   Fortunately neither Elder was hurt, nor the driver in front or behind was injured.  The Elders believe the car will be totalled.  Miracle #1

President and Sister Checketts left Wednesday for and Area meeting held in New Zealand.  Since their VISA was only good for 2 years, they had started the filing process 6 months earlier for an extended VISA.  Their fingerprints had been lost twice and other delays had occurred during the refiling process.  Before they left for New Zealand everything was in order with their VISA's.....or so we thought.  Monty and I were to pick them up at the airport when we received a call saying they had been detained and not allowed back into Australia due to problems with their VISA's.  Well you should have seen the office hustling , the Service Center  Travel Department got hopping, and the Consulate was contacted.  After an extra night in New Zealand and early morning departure they arrived home at noon on Saturday.  Miracle #2

Sunday, before starting our 1 hour drive to our Toukley Ward, we stopped in the office to grab mail for the missionaries that meet in our building.  A quick pop in and out and be on our way.  When we came around to the front of the Mission Office/Service Center there were about 12-15 cars parked out front.  I asked Monty what was going on.  He reminded me that they were having an Area Stake President's Meeting that Sunday.  We quietly crept up the back stairs and up to our offices.  As we were gathering the mail,  President Checketts popped his head into the mail room and said "Oh Good the Ellison's are here.  I have been looking in the supply room for a particular pamphlet for our meeting downstairs.  Can you help me find it"?  The Supply room is my territory and I knew right where to look.  I got the pamphlet for the President and we were all off to our meetings within minutes.  Miracle #3

Now you might think those were all cute little coincidences.  I beg to differ.  Help was given in each  incidence.  Missionaries were protected.  Paper work was approved  when it should have been held up due to Bureaucracy.  Elder Ellison and I just happened to be in the Mission Office on a Sunday when we normally are not there so we could assist the President with something he needed for an important meeting.  AMAZING how this all works out isn't it?

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